TITAN GER 500 Device 10

One of the most advanced and unique technology in the world . one device with 5 systems to search for gold , buried treasures , vacumes , caves , graves and ruins under ground. depth up to 45 m Front Range of 2500 m . The device works in four languages : german - English - French - arabic .

Price : 4000 $
Specification : 1 System
Manufacturer : Ger Detect - Germany
Stock : Yes


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For researcher about diamonds and gemstones underground offer you a modern scientific and technical innovation to monitor places of diamonds and gemstones .
TITAN GER -500 is light weigh ,easy to use ,and fast discovery.
GER DETECT company put All high technology and global full digital system with sensors to capture a quick goal and sensors to be the first device discovery of diamonds and gemstones in the ground .
Device depth of up to 65 meters in the ground and front range 2500 meters.

This system has High-precision and excellence identification system and monitoring of certain of the presence of diamonds and gemstones by directing the digital sensor smart device screen .
with the possibility of a very precise target identification to be searched for, such as diamonds and gemstones type .
With the ability to determine the front range of the device, starting from 500 meters or 1000 or 1500 or 2000 or 2500 meters and a depth of 65 meters underground .
The device works in four languages, including ENGLISH When the device is running you can choose one of the languages and specify the target to be searched for and then choose the type of the long front of the device, the device search process.


Low battery alert : Audio & visual indication.

Length : Min 37 in. (940 mm) – Max 55.3 in. (1405 mm)

Weight : 5.20 lbs (2.36 kgs) including Li-ion battery pack

Warranty : 3 years control box & coil